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The VILAKKITHALA NAIR SAMAJAM (VNS) is an organization created for the upliftment and welfare of the VILAKKITHALA NAIR community. It is headquartered at Laikkad,Perunna in the town of Changanassery-2 in Kottayam District, Kerala State, India. The VNS is a three tier organisation with shaka at the base level, Taluk Unions at the intermediate level and the Headquarters at the apex level without mutual rights, claims to assets and Liabilities


At the begining the organization was purely localised and scattered at differnt palces all over kerala.There was no co_operation or co_ordination shown between these groups and hence failed to make any positive impact for the community.In course of time ,some leaders with great organizational skill came forward with the idea of unifying the local organizations.As a result on 15th August 1951 a meeting was conducted which decided to register 'TIRU_COCHI VILAKKITHALA NAIR SAMAJAM'.In 8th December 1953 'TIRU_COCHI VILAKKITHALA NAIR SAMAJAM' was registered as no.41 under Indian Companies act 1913 section 320.In 1953 the goverment accepted the demands of VNSamajam to provide educational fees concession for students.First board meeting of V N Samajam was conducted at Trivandrum in 19th December 1953.In 25 th April 1954 the inaugural meeting of the V N Samajam was conducted at VJT hall in Trivandrum.The meeting was inaugurated by honourable minister P.K.kunju. The meeting was presided by K.Gopala Pilla.In 4th September 1954 the Trivandrum city shaka was registered as the first VNS branch.In 1977 the registration was renewed.V.N.S conducted its 25th Anniversary at Changanassery on 21st and 22nd May in 1979.In 2005 V.N.S conducted its 50th Anniversary at Trivandrun VJT Hall.


* To unite and uplift the weeker and unorganized members of this community.

* To organize and establish braches all over kerala.

* To improve social and economics status of members by promoting higher education,thus to improve growth of the community and society.

* Provide finanical aid to studious students of this community.

* To attract youth and women towards the VNYF and VNVF respectively,the tributary organization of VNS.

* Registration of birth,marriage and death of the members of the community.

* To unite and consolidate the virtuals and rite of the community.

* To conduct annual meeting as directed by the director board of VNS

SLOGAN: "Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu"